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Our 2023-2026 Strategy

At Valley End C of E Infant School, our strategic vision is the cornerstone of our commitment to nurture a love of life-long learning and enable our whole school community to flourish within a knowledge-rich curriculum.

Our three-year strategy articulates our vision, our three pillars, our mission, and the values that underpin our intent as a school. Its purpose is to provide focus upon our priorities moving forward and guide how the school will develop over the next three years.


This is the long-term goal that we aim to achieve. By the end of the academic year 2025/2026, our school will be recognised by our pillars as the infant school of choice.

How will we measure success?

We will consistently enjoy full enrolment at reception year and will experience low student attrition over the three year groups.


These are the key and most direct stakeholders of our school; the direct beneficiaries of everything we do.

Each pillar has two specific focus areas. These focus areas will remain the same for three years.

Every year, we set specific actions for each focus area. These actions are detailed in our yearly School Development Plan.

By completing the yearly actions for each focus area within the three pillars, we are confident that we will achieve our vision.

How will we measure success?

  • Our pupils will attain high levels of achievement consistently, and the school will be able to demonstrate adoption of best practice initiatives for safeguarding and inclusion.
  • Parents at Valley End school will add value to the school through direct engagement and through FOVE, and the Valley End brand will be recognised in the local community.
  • The Good Shepherd Trust will make use of the Training Hub established at Valley End, and staff churn rate will be < 15%.


This is our core purpose. It defines what we do as a school. It provides direction and inspiration for the school's actions and decision-making processes.


These are the fundamental qualities and ethics we aim to instil in our pupils, staff, and community. Our Golden Rules are the core principles and beliefs that guide our school. They reflect what we stand for and shape our culture and behaviours.